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HOROSCOPES predict what the stars have in store for you depending on Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, To determine which star sign you are, you need to find the zodiac that falls on your birthday . October 8: Trust can't be bought but has that friend done enough to repair it?.

Mark your calendar for this one, as it will tug your heartstrings and could lead to lasting changes in your love life. The Moon in Aries opposes the Sun in Libra. This axis line is about self and others. The T-square with Pluto punctuates these themes. If you are an Aries, Libra, Cancer, or Capricorn, this will likely affect you more strongly than other signs.

On October 20 and 21, Venus applies aspects to Saturn and Neptune , helping restore balance to relationships and helping clear any anxiety you may have felt throughout the month in general. On October 23, the Sun enters Scorpio, and the New Moon on October 27 clears a canvas for you to tap into your creativity. What would you like to make happen in your life next year?

Imagine the possibilities. Moments of turbulence throughout the month may feel like tremors in your life. Establish new grounding and center yourself. Try to focus on the present moment, rather than worry about the future or revisit the past. Understand you may not be able to change the circumstances of your life, but you can change your responses to them. Above all, stay positive!

Miracles can and do occur. Just look at where you are right now! These are miraculous times, and often chaos precedes the creation of something magnificent. The September 13 Full Moon happens in the water sign, Pisces. The Full Moon happening closest to the Equinox is called the Harvest Moon because this is traditionally a time of abundance when the summer crops bear fruit, and we reap the harvest. As you think about the Harvest Moon, think about this for your life, too.

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This is the last quarter of the year when we have the last chance to fulfill the goals and intentions we set in January. Pisces is the sign of spiritual insights, intuition, and supernatural phenomenon. The Moon in Pisces is counterbalanced by the Sun and most personal planets in earth sign, Virgo, the sign of details, discernment, and order. This combination could mean finding a balance between the spiritual and practical. In your everyday life, you could have profound insights and realizations.

Lunar Eclipse January – Change and Opportunity – Astrology King

Then, you will need to find ways to ground those spiritual revelations in the very practical here and now. This is a Full Moon for self-care, too. The Moon in Pisces urges you to heal some aspect of your life, physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Emotions could surface, but they should be sensed, felt, and not suppressed. The Sun and personal planets in Virgo invite you to explore alternative modalities for some of your health concerns.

We start the back-to-school season with the perfect planetary alignment. You could also become inspired by a bright new idea or pursue a creative endeavor. You want to keep stress levels down. Think of working in small increments, one thing at a time. Watch your health this month. Consider seeing a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, herbalist, or healer.

Let it go! Realize this is a foggy, unclear Full Moon. Pause and give any new insights time to settle before making any moves. Start with self-care.

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We have a third and final Jupiter - Neptune square. Reflect on what was happening in your life on January 13 and June 16, as these storylines will draw to a close. The nature of Jupiter is expansive, larger-than-life, and generous. It magnifies anything it comes in contact with, in this case, Neptune. Neptune symbolizes dreams, visions, and ideals, but also, it represents illusion, confusion, and disillusionment.

Make sure your news sources are credible and avoid gossip. When a transiting planet comes back to the same degree it was at the time of your birth, it opens a new chapter in your life.

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A cycle begins, with fresh growth opportunities and new life lessons to experience. The nature of that planet determines what those will be; the movement of the planet determines the length of that cycle. Think about your birthday. Each year has a certain vibe, and often the events that unfold around your birthday can establish the main themes of the following days.

This is your Solar Return, and it happens every year, as it takes the Sun days to return to the degree it was at the time of your birth. The Moon returns once a month, the Sun once a year, Mercury and Venus a little less than a year, and Mars every two years. The more distant planets orbit the sun more slowly.


As a result, these planetary returns can mean big changes in your life. At times, they may even feel like crisis points, as you close one chapter and start a new one.

Your horoscope for October 24 to 30, 12222

They can also mark significant turning points in your life. The Saturn Return happens every The choices you make during your Saturn Return year will have lasting consequences, for better or worse, for years to come. When you think of the sign of Virgo, think of the Vestal Virgins who dedicated themselves to the goddess Vesta. These women were the only ones of the time who were agents of their own lives. Because of this association, Virgo is aligned with ritual and rite.

They often incorporate purification rituals into their day-to-day lives, like exfoliating their face with specific products or washing their hands a certain way before eating. Virgo can choose, and she does. Some might call Virgo picky, but really, Virgo is a sign of discernment. It can seem perfectionistic at times because it has a refined sense of order and high standards.

It separates the wheat from the chaff. Mercury, as the ruling planet, gives Earth-sign Virgo a more mental quality than other earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. Virgo has analytical abilities but can become stuck as a result. Virgo seeks order and organization. This helps them have a sense of control in their lives.

Virgo rules health and alternative healing, food manufacturing, and wellness. Virgo is an earth sign, which makes them quite practical. You can count on a Virgo to stay on schedule or organize a lunch date. The Moon in Aquarius encourages us to think way outside of the box to solve any issues that come up in our lives. Aquarius is inventive, and you might come up with new ideas or see aspects of your life from a different perspective.

Aquarius is also the sign of community and friendships. You could discover ways to become more involved. The Sun is conjunct Venus, and this influence encourages social interactions and fun! It is a creative influence, one that could inspire you. The influence of these Leo planets suggests you might decide to take a break and enjoy the day or gather a group of friends for a night out. One of the best ways to do that is to lead with curiosity, rather than focusing on absolute rights and wrongs. Because of this, you might feel as if you need to make some sort of sacrifice, or you could feel pressured to make a compromise.

Leo encourages you to follow your heart and express your desires, but do so in manner considerate to others. The past six weeks have been tumultuous, with Mercury retrograde, two eclipses, and more. This month will feel like a respite after that high-energy time. If you had any significant realizations about yourself or your relationships, you might still be determining what changes to make in your life.